About Us

The world of family travel is just too slick.

Too many manicured photos, too much showboating. Like parenthood in general, travelling with kids is a lot more challenging, and should be a lot more honest. It’s inspiring and remarkable and crazy and weird. We grow, we learn, we discover new perspectives, we….oh no, Galileo just undid his diaper and is flinging his crap across the room. I’ll be right back.

So, the actual conversation sort of, might of gone something like this:

Publisher: “Mate, your last travel book was fantastic, we’d love you to come to Australia and write about our best bucket list experiences!”
Me: “Sorry, would love to, but I have a four year-old and a one-year-old and I just can’t leave the kids for all that time. I mean, if Australia was like, say, Switzerland, I might be able to steal away, but it’s more like, you know, Australia.”
Publisher: “Well then, why don’t you bring your family along and write about the bucket list for one book and another about what it’s like to go everywhere and do everything with the kids?”
Me: “Hang on. You’re talking about travelling for 10 months on a punishing schedule and insane deadline to do everything and go everywhere with my two young kids?
That’s about the craziest, more terrifying, insane and intimidating proposition I can imagine. Let’s do it.”

My name is Robin. I’m a travel writer who specializes in ticking experiences off your bucket list, and doing crazy, terrifying, insane and intimidating things. My wife’s name is Ana, and you’ll see our daughter Raquel and son Galileo all over this site.

Together, we created this online logbook and blog (a b-logbook, as it were) to share not only Australia’s incredible family travel experiences, but the insights both parents and kids learn along the way. We’ll be posting our reflections from each and every day – the people we meet, the places we go, the things we do. We’ll also be travelling beyond Australia and into New Zealand, Thailand and Vietnam. Or maybe not, depending on how Raquel sleeps, Gali eats, and assuming neither pukes all over my laptop.

We hope you’ll learn something, laugh a little, and be suitably inspired to plan your own family adventures.

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