Day 10







Art is art! Subjected to individual taste, it can be considered amazing or a head-scratcher. The National Gallery of Victoria is kids friendly and, best of all, admission is free. Gali and Raquel took on absorbing some cool art and expanded their ever growing minds in front of Picasso, Warhol, Pissarro, Rothko and Monet. We all agreed that today should be a day off, of sorts. A time to dial down on the activities and process all the amazing adventures we've been up too (and for Dad to get some writing done). Mom was quite happy to stay at the hotel all day, pottering around like it was home. The kids ran around the lobby and corridors, bare feet. Hiding behind the corners in a frantic game of hide and seek, they made it feel like home too. The staff were patient and accommodating, as usual. At night, after the kids went to bed, Dad ventured out for a ghost tour to the old Melbourne gaol (understandably not kid friendly).


Lunch at the hotel was a mix of yogurt, fruits and whatever left overs we could find. Mom cooked mince beef and rice for dinner. We enjoyed cold watermelon, super yummy mango and nice peaches. Nothing like the taste of fruit grown in sunny Australia. The kids are in paradise.


Home, although Dad couldn't resist popping into a nearby Nandos.

My Favourite Pictures Today

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We learned the importance of recharging to energize    When the schedule is tight we all get a bit grumpy. A day off to decompress and take it easy is needed. Today was easy, fun and chill. Tomorrow we are back with full on activities.   Dad was quite smart to get the kids out of the hotel for a few hours, so mom could to some chores. Divide and conquer was the order of the day.  At the NVG, the kids also learned about moving statues (buskers), fine art, sculpture and ornaments.

Reflection of the Day


Feeling the creative energy of the National Gallery. Watching Raquel and Gali run back and forth at the Hotel's corridor. Their laugh was contagious.   Facetiming and Skyping with our families (Canada and Brazil) was also a highlight.


Nap time for Gali was a bit of a challenge. What do you mean I need to go back to my old routine? I've been sleeping in the car every day, this is not ok Mom, not ok.  

We'll Always Remember

  • Name: Duck
  • : The Dandenongs, Victoria
  • : Knowledge! The opportunity to learn more about other cultures.
  • : Enjoy being a child
  • Name: Trevor
  • : Arnhem Land
  • : of curiosity.
  • : Don't burn bridges, and don't close doors.



Raquel and Galileo are developing a closer relationship already. With only one week of travels we're already noticing how munch they play together and enjoy each other's company.   Travel has long been known to be good for families,  inspiring collective growth. Watching these two become friends is a precious gift of the road. Real bonding can only be done with time, and after years in daycare, time is what they have now.
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