Day 14





Where We Went:

What We Did:

We left Melbourne for a too-quick roadtrip to Bendigo, once the richest town in the British Empire outside of London.  Bendigo was home to one of the biggest gold booms in history that saw people coming from around the world to strike it rich.  The city today is quite lovely, and we wanted to get underground and explore.  The Central Deborah Goldmine is fully operational with original equipment, but instead of mining gold it mines experiences! Raquel went on the Mine Experience tour, while Dad did the Nine Levels of Darkness for his Bucket List book. After a great tour, we took the talking tram to the tram depot, and looked for the legendary Birney the Tram Cat. Once we met up with Dad, we checked into our home for the night (bunk beds!) and then went out for pizza and a walk around the town.

What We Ate:

For lunch we had a Cornish pasty, although we can’t call them Cornish pasties, because they’ve been trademarked in Cornwall.  Miners love them because you can eat them quickly and grip onto the crust if your hands are dirty. For dinner we ate yummy pizza.

Where We Ate:

My Favourite Pictures Today

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Where We Slept:

Bendigo Holiday Rentals:  An old and cozy house on Bernard Street, where the kids could bunk up (Gali in his super light Valco Baby travel crib of course).

We Learned:

So much about Victoria’s gold rush history, underground gold mining, Bendigo, big data mining (Dad’s reading a book about it).  We learned that Bendigo is a “super cute little town.”  We learned that kids love wearing hard hats, even if it makes them look like a lolly pop, and being in control of their own headlights.  We learned that Raquel is not afraid to break the rules but insists on asking for permission first (she wanted to snack underground).   We learned how to change a pooey diaper on a moving tram.

Reflection of the Day

The Best Part:

Mom laughing fit at the ridiculousness of trying to control two overstimulated toddlers on a historical tramway in downtown Bendigo.  Raquel insists her favourite part of the day was eating a sausage roll.   For Dad, it was using a pressure drill 230m below the ground, and playing “fetch my hat” with Gali on the thick grass in Bendigo’s Conservatory Gardens on a gorgeous summer eve.

The Worst Part:

Mom pipes up instantly:  The poo and vomit and trying to scrub both from beneath her fingernails.

  Today's Random Thing

  A Note from Mom and Dad

Raquel did her first experience without Mom and Dad.  The kids must be eating well, we have never dealt with so much crap in our lives (and Gali chimed in with a bonus puke on the highway this morning).  Mom is a little traumatized after the “park” incident, which we don’t need to get into but let’s just say that even if those panties were made of solid gold they still would have been chucked out.

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