Day 18





Where We Went:

Today was a foodie day (see below).   Then we relaxed at home in Moonee Ponds, watched a bit of TV (Dr. McStuffins is a big hit with Raquel) and went to Queen’s Park around the corner for a run around. Dad went to pick up the trailer for the Great Ocean Road from Move Yourself, a company that lets you move things around anywhere in Australia.   January 1st is our first big day on the road and we can hardly wait.  We finished off at a hipster eatery in Collingwood. But not before Mom could go shopping at Moonee Ponds Central. Of course.


Move Yourself Trailer, meet Ford Everest



What We Did:

Since a day off with kids is never really a day off, we decided to use our final days in Melbourne’s exploring the city’s famous culinary scene.  We had a day that food critics enjoy regularly, and us non-food critics dream of when we say: “I wish I was a food critic!”   With our early birds ready to hunt the worm,  we headed to South Melbourne for breakfast at Kettle Black, dining in relative peace while watching fashionable Moms and Dads enjoy their breakfast.   Why do other kids always behave better than your own.  We’re not sure if it’s the part of town or the clientele, but everyone looked particularly fabulous.   We took advantage of the cloudy weather to go for a walk around South Melbourne.    Our afternoon was quiet and relaxing, because a 4 year-old and a 1 year-old are super chill and never too demanding. As if.  By noon, we were back at lovely Queen’s Park, making sure they didn’t rip each other’s heads off while giving them the space they needed to be the creative little devils they are.  It was so hot and muggy, Raquel wanted to drink water from a dog’s bowl.  Mom found a great shady spot with a sprinkler and taught the kids it is ok to steal some water from the plants when you get really hot and bothered. While Dad wrote some stories and went to pick up the trailer from Move Yourself in Dandenong,  Mom went shopping for essentials. Five bags of things later…To end our Foodie day we drove to Collingwood to check out Easey’s, which is a diner inside trains that have somehow been put on top of a building.  The street art interior was intense but the view of the city was amazing. Raquel and Galileo loved playing with the buttons and control panel in the drivers seat, but were not so impressed by the giant skeleton Kangaroo outside the restaurant.

What We Ate:

At Kettle Black, the kids were hangry when we arrived. The staff promptly brought some scrambled eggs and toast to keep their mood at bay, which did the trick.   So did the amazing green juice we ordered and which Gali, again, proceeded to drink it all. It’s becoming a trend; if we order juice, Galileo will drink it, before we can try it. So we ordered two more, just to be safe.   When Dad was young, green and red juice was comprised of sickly sweet “cream soda” and “raspberry” cordial, mixed one part syrup, eight parts water.   Today, green juice was fresh squeezed, cold pressed kale, apple, green pepper, celery and lemon, and red juice was beet, apple, lemon, carrot and celery.    This is progress.

The adults devoured:   Pastrami with a potato and herb rosti, poached egg and wasabi emulsion, miso cured salmon, pea and barley salad, ginger dressing served with a poached egg, and coconut set chia with citrus, blood orange and raspberry sorbet and toasted coconut.  This is why Melbourne has a famed culinary scene.

At Easeys, we ordered the stuff they’re famous for:  Mac n Cheese, Melbourne Madness burgers (which included dim sum and deep fried everything), and poutine that wasn’t really poutine but we are a long way from Canada.  The deep fried Oreo cookies for dessert were judged to be the winners.


Where We Ate:

My Favourite Pictures Today

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Where We Slept:

Walker Street, Moonee Ponds.   The kids had a ball in the garden when sheets of rain began to pour.   They danced in it.  They sang in it.  They snuggled it.  They embraced it.   It was vertical swimming in the kind of hot storm we simply don’t get back home in Vancouver.

We Learned:

Mom:  Not a good idea to take kids to the park at noon. At least not in Australia.  Too hot!  But if you do, sunscreen, and bring lots of it!  And don’t forget, cold, fresh, water!  The luke warm water mom had in her bag did not go down well.

Dad:  Driving 80km an hour on a 10 lane highway in Melbourne only makes perfect sense when you’re pulling a trailer for the first time, and you’re driving through a rain storm. After the huge rainstorm hit Melbourne,  Dad arrived home, opened a bottle of wine, and told us he needs a break from the M1 for a while.



Reflection of the Day

The Best Part:

Having the smallest bit of downtime to watch a creepy episode of Black Mirror on Netflix, the Twilight Zone of our era, a series that concerns itself with our abuse of technology, which explains why we only have the smallest bit of downtime.   The kids were sleeping, and have been sleeping through the night, which will always be the best part.

The Worst Part:

Raquel couldn’t fall asleep because she was afraid of the “scary kangaroo as big as a building.”   We wonder why…

We'll Always Remember

  • Name: Steven
  • Favourite Place: Upper Yarra
  • I Love Travel Because: I love camping.
  • My Advice for Kids: Discover arts.

  Today's Random Thing

  A Note from Mom and Dad

Saying No.  It’s a difficult thing to do, especially when saying yes means a few moments of peace.   But we have to say no all the time. No to more TV.  To more screen time.  To eating five bananas in a row. Raquel has learned pretty quickly that if Mom says No, Dad might say yes.  And if Dad says no, Mom might say Yes.  And a Yes creates confusion, which might lead to a maybe, which is just the break she needs.  So we’ve decided that Mom is the big boss, with final say.   And Mom is not afraid of saying No.  But Mom is also not afraid of pulling out new toys that she’s somehow stashed away to reward kids that eat their dinner.


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