Day 2





Where We Went:

To Vancouver Airport, onto a 787 Dreamliner, and off to Australia!

What We Did:

After a 16hour flight from Vancouver, skipping Thursday altogether, we finally arrived in Melbourne. We expected a full blown thermonuclear toddler nightmare, but just got a toddler nightmare, so that was good.  Gali slept for about 8 hours, we think, Raquel for about 6.  A further three was spent screaming or crying aloud or kicking the seats.  And that was just the parents.   Raquel watched Frozen twice.  Gali was obsessed with an episode of Planet Earth II featuring wild horses.  Episode Four, 32 minutes in.  Repeat.


On arriving, we lined up and lined up and lined up.  Gali fell asleep in his Valco Baby stroller, which they call a pram in this part of the world.  Raquel fell asleep atop all of the luggage.   Eventually we cleared customs, lined up to clear luggage control, lined up to get a big taxi, and got lost looking for the new Oaks Southbank.     It’s been quite a day!    But a walk on the Yarra and to the bustling centre of Flinders Avenue made us feel like finally, at last, we have arrived in Australia.


What We Ate:

We were starving and hit the first taco joint we stumbled across.  Burritos, tacos and french-fry-shaped churos, washed down with mango soda.  Yum!

Where We Ate:

Mad Mex: Simple and decent Mexican fare, served blessedly fast for hungry kids.  The guacamole is worth the extra $2.


My Favourite Pictures Today

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Where We Slept:

Oaks Southbank, on City Road.  It’s hip and modern and has stellar views of the MCG, the Yarra, downtown, and that egg-whisk monument which we can’t name just yet.

Says Raquel: I love it! I love everything in this house but the most thing I like is the table because I can dance on it, mostly tap dancing. I also really like the view of the buildings.

Oaks Southbank

We Learned:

Line-up efficiency:  When one party is waiting for something (like luggage), the other can be lining up for the next step (like customs).  Roller carry on bags are a must.  Know the address of the hotel you’re staying, even if it’s in a striking iconic building and the taxi driver says he’s been driving cabs in Melbourne for 23 years.   Don’t forget to pack underwear for your kids (yes, seriously!) Not all travel hacks (thanks Robin for the failed power bar manoeuvre).   Beer is crazy expensive in Australia!  Tropical fruit like mangoes and kiwis are crazily affordable.  Don’t pack play doh as a travel toy.   Ask flight attendants to bring the kids meal first.   Always check to see if you left anything on the plane.   Goodbye old iPhone for White Noise.    Feed your children before your husband takes them on errands!   Nothing makes you realize just how multicultural Canada is until you leave it and come to Australia!    The river front bars on the South Bank in December are busier than the Copacabana.

Reflection of the Day

The Best Part:

Landing in Australia.  Finally getting to the hotel.  Feeling summer sunshine again.

The Worst Part:

The lack of sleep fuzzy wuzziness of long haul travel.  The epic (and expected) meltdowns.  The finicky buggy Apple products that were supposed to be easy to use but caused hours of grief getting set up.

  Today's Random Thing

  A Note from Mom and Dad

We thought we packed everything, and pretty we realized we’d forgot some essential items:  Gali’s crib sheet.  Raquel’s underwear (where do these things go!)    Our system for the plane was also pretty terrible, with everything shoved into a duffel bag last minute.   Next time we’re going to be far more organized!   We’re dreading the night to come with the hope the kids won’t wake up when we finally get some well deserved rest!

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