Day 21


Great Ocean Road and Warrnambool



Where We Went:

Peterborough, for an epic biplane adventure with Adventure Flight Co over the 12 Apostles and Bay of Islands.

Port Campbell



What We Did:

We left our overnight home in the small dairy farming town of Timboon at 10am, and headed to Peterborough for our date with Emma  at Adventure Flight Co, She pilots a Grumman Ag Cat biplane over the southern Victoria Coastline, which we think has some of the most spectacular scenery anywhere in the world!

Due to some drizzly weather, it was touch and go whether Dad would be able to get in the air (Mom would hang back with the kids). Fortunately the wind dropped, the clouds parted and we were cleared for take off!   After putting on our leather jackets and aviator hats, it was time for take off.  Well almost… it was actually time to wrangle the kids who clung to Dad’s legs like they were velcro.    Emma grew up in a family of Ag Pilots (agricultural pilots, like cropdusters etc) and was flying in her pregnant Mom’s tummy.  By the end of this trip, Raquel and Gali will have some air miles, but not quite on the same level!    The Ag Cat lifted off the ground and in a few moments we were cruising above crashing seas, rugged cliffs and tiny tour buses.  Emma did figure 8s and steep turns to make sure we got the best views of the famous 12 Apostles (even though there are only 8 sea stacks) and the Bay of Islands. Dad has been on some epic adventures but according to him, this was the best flying experiences he has ever had!  The open cockpit and plane tricks added to the epic scenery, another bucket list chapter in the bag!

Once back on the ground, the reunited family headed to Port Campbell for lunch, followed by a slow, scenic (and Britax-nap) drive to our final destination for the night, Warrnambool.   The kids hit the hotel pool, but being the children of their Mom, preferred the large and warmer outdoor jacuzzi.




What We Ate:

For lunch the kids had some snacks and chicken nuggets with fries.  Adults had much-needed caffeinated beverages (Mom has finally discovered the Long Black after a few espresso misadventures), with delish sandwiches.

For dinner we got delivery so we could maximize our time in our spacious three bedroom suite with sea views.  We ordered in a Greek and Avocado salad, 2 pastas and a pizza.  We’re all craving vegetables, even Gali was tucking back the olives!


Where We Ate:

12 Rocks Beach Bar, Port Campbell

Bojangles,  Warnnambool

My Favourite Pictures Today

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Where We Slept:

Lady Bay Resort looks out over the beautiful coast in Warrnambool.  We have a spacious and light three bedroom suite for the night, with high ceilings and ocean-facing patio breezes.  The kids had a long jacuzzi tub, and the adjoining suite gives us all a lot of space.  Mom naturally ran a load of laundry, and the kids naturally danced on the couches.

We Learned:

At the end of a long day when there’s no time (or ingredients) to cook food or go looking for it, we learned to appreciate who ever invented food delivery.  Raquel learned that when you are angry,  “you just have to calm down and try.”   Especially when you’re hungry, and you there’s pasta in front of you.    She also learned that that some hot tubs can be cold (the jacuzzi pool downstairs was only slightly warmer than the pool).  Ana learned that when you are angry you also have to try and calm down and do it anyway, and that even the most breathtaking views are not as important as your child’s well-being. If your kid is upset and tired,  you are not going to enjoy the view, no matter what!  Biplanes are way, way cooler than helicopters.  Dad learned that you will never experience the scope of this amazing coastline without going airborne, and it was awesome to have a young female pilot to inspire Raquel to spread her wings!


Reflection of the Day

The Best Part:

Raquel’s best part of the day:  “All the parts except when I got grumpy because I didn’t know what to eat.”   Ana loved the swimming pool and laughing at Raquel and Gali bundled up in the towels out the jacuzzi tub and shivering cold in an Australian summer.  For Dad:  The bi-plane, obviously, but also watching Gali finally relax in water and splash around like a goof in the jacuzzi tub.   The best part of the flight, definitely the dips and turns while wearing those sweet aviator goggles.

The Worst Part:

Raquel said it was when she got grumpy For Ana it was finding out the hot tub wasn’t hot.   For Dad: waking up tired from worrying about Gali’s weird sleep habit all night, and when Gali almost poked out my eyeball with his fork at dinner.

We'll Always Remember

  • Name: Emma
  • Favourite Place: The Cape, Australia
  • I Love Travel Because: I love new adventures.
  • My Advice for Kids: Try it while you're young, before it gets too hard.
  • Name: Ethan
  • Favourite Place: The Top End
  • I Love Travel Because: it's the best way to learn.
  • My Advice for Kids: Put the phones down and try new things.
  • Name: John
  • Favourite Place: The northern New South Wales coast
  • I Love Travel Because: You get to experience new cultures.
  • My Advice for Kids: Follow your heart.

  Today's Random Thing

  A Note from Mom and Dad

Gali has developed a new sleep habit of some concern.  He wraps himself up in whatever blanket we give him, twisting it around his head and burrowing into it head-first.   He must really love the dark.   The problem is that it’s also a pretty easy way to strangle himself at night, and we’ve also discovered he’ll have a sweaty head and frozen toes.  We’ve tried different blankets but he does the same thing, and last night Dad was worried he’d finally wrapped a blanket once too many times around his neck.  That’s it, no more blankets until he learns how to actually use them!  So we stopped into a K-Mart and bought some warm onesies, and have left a pillow in his travel crib to bury his head under.   Given what we’re putting the guy through, he’s doing remarkably well, although he is becoming more and more of a handful.  “The one… it’s all emotional, and the other… it’s all physical,” exclaimed Mom at dinner.  Girls and boys and the oy Oy OY’s!

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