Day 25


Fremantle, Perth



Where We Went:

Adelaide Airport, and then Fremantle, Perth.


What We Did:

After packing up our things after a wonderful but short stay at the Oaks Liberty Towers, Dad and Raquel went on a mission to return the MoveYourself trailer (so long, trusty companion) and our powerful Ford Everest (may your next adventure be just as awesome).   Mom ]took Gali for a stroll and stopped in at a local museum to learn more about Glenelg, and the history of South Australia.

Reunited, we had a slight taxi misadventure (turns out you can’t flag down taxis in Adelaide) but fortunately the airport was nearby.  The check in process with Jetstar was great considering we showed up with 8 items to check in and just as many toddler limbs poking out in all directions.   We tried to travel light, we really did.   Kudos to Jetstar staff for being so patient with us.   The queue that formed behind us as we fumbled to get laptops out of bags and coral Gali and Raquel at security was less so.   What a relief once we made it on the plane, and then of course, we had three and a half hours with overtired toddlers to deal with.

Gali eventually eventually fell asleep, but was none to pleased when Dad tried to reposition him because Dad’s entire back, shoulder and arm had fallen asleep holding Gali.   Raquel proved that a dollar-store colouring book can be priceless.   Once in Perth, we collected all our stuff, somehow jammed it into a maxi-cab, and drove a half hour to Fremantle Prison (living wild and free, of course).

What We Ate:

For breakfast we went to a bakery around the corner from Oaks for cheese croissants, except Dad had to try their traditional pastie which was voted the best pastie in Australia six years in a row.   Every year, hundreds of pasties are flown to Melbourne from all over Australia and this bakery created the one beat that them all.  Again and again.  It has a light crust, which serves as a delivery mechanism for the packed savoury filling inside.   For lunch we sucked back smoothies because we were all stuffed from breakfast.  For dinner, we roamed Fremantle which at first seemed like a ghost town, but then we found Market St which had a buzz, and a terrific Italian restaurant.   Dad said his pizza was the closest to the pizza his Mom makes every year.

Where We Ate:

Breakfast: Orange Bakery

Lunch:  Boost Juice Bars

Dinner:  Bella Roma

My Favourite Pictures Today

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Where We Slept:

Adjacent to the World Heritage Site and one of the world’s best hostels, tonight we’re staying at the Fremantle Prison YHA Hostel Colonial Cottages in a restored historic two bedroom cottage that once belonged to the wardens.    There’s also a fully equipped kitchen, dining/lounge room (where we’ve put Gali’s travel crib), and an outdoor patio in the back yard.  Raquel is stoked to have bunk beds again.

We Learned:

That in Australia there is a pastie competition, and it sounds like a big deal. That in Adelaide they have a saying:  “it takes us an hour and a half to watch 60 minutes, ” Never get on a plane without at least one movie downloaded onto a device.  It’s probably a wise idea to order a van pick-up at at future airports given how long it takes us to find a maxi-cab to fit all our stuff.  Monday nights are pretty slow in Fremantle, where we found an old man literally playing to his own tune.

Reflection of the Day

The Best Part:

Gali pulling hilarious faces at breakfast (where did he learn to do those things with his eyes?) Raquel being amazingly and unusually helpful and fun this morning.  Finally getting on the plane after all the missioning,  Finally getting off the plane after three and a half hours with both crawling all over us.  Finally getting to Fremantle.   Finally getting some good food.  Watching Raquel softly sing to Gali in the double stroller all the way home. Finally putting the kids down, and finally going to sleep!

The Worst Part:

Paying $4 for a baggage cart at Perth Airport?   Two kids hanging off our necks and you can’t provide a cart to help take our luggage fifty metres to the taxi rank?    We have a word for that Perth Airport.  It’s called: Fail.    Watching Raquel lick muffin crumbs off the tray table on the plane.   Alright…Parent Fail.

We'll Always Remember

  • Name: Di
  • Favourite Place: Sydney
  • I Love Travel Because: It allows me to see what other people experience.
  • My Advice for Kids: Travel!

  Today's Random Thing

  A Note from Mom and Dad

When flying with young kids, when flying without them, we can’t stress the importance of giving yourself more time than you think you need.    Go early.  Remove the stress.  Hell, there’s still going to be stress (like waiting 25 minutes for a taxi that hasn’t been sent yet) but that extra time goes a long way.  Rather kill time at an airport, than yourself trying to get to the airport in time.    On the plane, all rules about screen time go out the window and it’s a matter of survival.   You do what you have to do.   Success is measured in seconds.  Like:  “Galileo just looked out the window for 24 seconds, that was great!   I loved those 24 seconds. Are we there yet?”     It was our first domestic flight and we were  definitely rusty.  Next time: more movies on the iPad, more snacks, and no great ambitions to do anything work-related.     Dad was last in Perth 12 years ago. He never expected he’d one day return to stay at a local youth hostel with two young kids, two car seats, too many suitcases, and a double stroller.    

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