Day 26






Dad had to run off early to pick up our silver bullet Ford Everest and speak to the nation on ABC Radio, before re-connecting with the kids at the fabulous WA Maritime Museum in Fremantle.   Raquel and Gali had two amazing guides, and the museum does an incredible job engaging with the imaginations of kids.   They learned about corals and conservation, stared in wonder at the rare megamouth shark, popped into an interactive underwater room, boarded a historical boat (Gali said "bowte! bowte!"), coloured in ships that were scanned and appeared on a screen, dressed up as Romans for a Pompeii exhibition, made mosaics - essentially, an eruption of fun for kids.   When Dad showed up after lunch at the cafe, it was Raquel's turn to guide him to everything she'd seen and done, sharing what she learned along the way. She didn't always get the facts right, but her enthusiasm was faultless.   After the museum, we drove to Perth, picked up some groceries while Gali slept in the car, and checked into the fabulous Attika Hotel for the next few days.   After dinner, Dad took the kids for a walk in the Northbridge area, finding a playground nearby in Russell Square.   When the wind picked up (and Gali faceplanted in the asphalt yet again because his feet don't always do what his brain wants them to), we headed back to the hotel and called it a night for our big day out tomorrow at Rottnest Island.


A treat of breakfast bennies (the first we've seen in Australia) while the kids had pancakes.   A beautiful big Greek salad and smoothies helped alleviate the guilt of fish/chicken nuggets and chips for lunch (the staple of kids menus everywhere).  For dinner, Dad cooked up chicken, brown rice and veggies.  


Breakfast:  Fremantle Bakehouse Lunch:   WA Maritime Museum Cafe Dinner:  A Dad special at the Attika Hotel.

My Favourite Pictures Today

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Our home in Perth is the stylish, luxury apartments of the Attika Hotel, located right in the heart of Northbridge.   The staff are amazing, and considering last night we slept in a house that was 150 years old, the modern, spacious rooms and bathrooms feel like we've been blasted into the future.


Megamouth is an extremely rare filter-feeder shark that grows up to 6 metres in length. Dugongs were mistaken as mermaids.  Australia II beat the USA in the Americas Cup in 1983 and bonded the nation.  Australians love sailing and boats and have broken tons of records around the world.  Food is more expensive in Perth than the rest of Australia, and so is petrol.   And figs are just crazy!   That Dad was almost patched into Triple J instead of ABC Summer Afternoons, which would have been very rock n' roll.   Esrock and Ayers Rock continue to be pronounced in frighteningly similar fashion, especially on radio.  Perth gets very windy, and has cool winters.

Reflection of the Day


Mom:  Watching Raquel learn so much today, and being so engaged with all the new information that came her way.  And I was so proud of her when one of the museum staff commented that "she has such amazing stamina."  Also, walking into our suite at Attika put a big smile on my face. Dad:  Having Raquel show me around the museum, playing with both kids at the playground, watching Gali run faster than his legs can take him.  Mr Wobbly Legs cracks up every stranger he passes.


Watching Gali faceplant three times today.  His face looks like he's been in a boxing ring, complete with missing teeth.

We'll Always Remember

  • Name: Courtney
  • : Fremantle
  • : It makes you a good storyteller.
  • : School is important but what happens after defines the sort of career you have.
  • Name: Michael
  • : Big Island Hawaii, and Exmouth, WA
  • : of the social aspect, and challenging myself in new terrains.
  • : Go see the world, there's a lot out there.
  • Name: Sean
  • : Wanaka NZ for the mountains, and Safety Bay, WA for the beach.
  • : Freedom and exploring
  • : Put the phone down, go meet people.
  • Name: Pav
  • : Albany, WA
  • : It gets you away from reality.
  • : Get outdoors, stop playing with your devices.
  • Name: Amanda
  • : San Francisco, Golden Gate Bridge
  • : There is always a sense of adventure, and a feeling of contentment.
  • : Take photos of everything, even if you think it is silly. And when you travel, don't worry about expenditures, just do it!
  • Name: Wayne
  • : Disneyland Hong Kong. Or a family camping trip.
  • : of new experiences, and being able to share those experiences with my family.
  • : Don’t grow up too fast. It’s okay to be a kid in your 20s, 30s or 40s.




Some museums are dry and overloaded with information.   The trick to a great family visit is engaging the kids with interactive exhibits, art, music, dress-up, and terrific staff.  The WA Maritime Museum exceeded our expectations, especially since nobody in our family can be accused of having salt in our veins (Gravol, anyone?)   We often talk about how travel is the best education, and a good museum is like a great classroom.   We'll see if it leaves a lasting impression on Raquel for all things aquatic!     Mom has become a diaper/nappy Jedi.  She can change Gali's diaper while he's standing up in seconds before anyone notices.  Raquel also ducked behind one of Perth's massive fig trees to make a pee all by herself.  Watching kids grow up is like watching the hour hand on a clock.  It moves so slowly, but some days there's a subtle shift and it just feels like a corner has been turned.
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