Day 29





Where We Went:

What We Did:

So long Perth, would love to stay, but it’s getting too hot and we love it hotter!   After a quick visit to the artillery tunnels in Fremantle, Dad went to pick up our Move Yourself trailer.   The temperature cracked 44C in Perth on the way to pick everyone up at the hotel, so nobody minded too much jumping into our air conditioned Ford Everest to hit the road.  We  travelled north up State Route 60 passing Yanchep, the Pinnacles (see ya on the way down!), Cervantes, Jurien Bay and Green Head.  During the drive we felt the remnants of a cyclone – now a low tropical storm – so the car got a good wash.  We stopped in Leeman to stretch our legs at a beachfront playground, and continued onto Geraldton, a five hour road trip in all and the third longest of the whole trip.  We’ll be repeating it all in the other direction in about a week.

What We Ate:

After a disappointing late night dinner at a local restaurant called Hogs Breath (we really don’t recommend it and the name should have scared us off), Dad and Raquel went to Woolworths determined to get some good home cooking into us.  Dad made teriyaki salmon with roasted potatoes and red peppers, served with beans and, asparagus fried in garlic lemon butter.   Much better!

Where We Ate:

At our Air Bnb, outside on the patio.

My Favourite Pictures Today

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Where We Slept:

We found a three-bedroom Air Bnb right by the dunes in the suburb of Mahomet, about 5 minutes drive from town.  It feels like a surfer’s holiday home!

We Learned:

That it gets hotter and more humid the more north you go.   That the HMAS Sydney II Memorial is quite moving, especially when you’re there by yourself.  That libraries are always great places to work.   That eating out all the time is not what it’s cracked up to be, and a good home cooked meal (that doesn’t involve a deep fryer) does a world of good. That it’s really flat driving on the WA coastline. That there’s no point counting road kill because you’ll quickly lose count.   Put sunscreen on even for a short break outside.   The seagulls of Leeman really love honey-soy chicken chips, because nobody else did. Stingers hitch a ride on seaweed after a big storm.

Reflection of the Day

The Best Part:

Gali sleeping in until 8:30am.  We all enjoyed the extra couple hours of rest.

The Worst Part:

A few tantrums in the car, but that’s to be expected.  A few bumps and scrapes, but that’s to be expected.  Dropping the luggage on Dad’s toe, but that’s to be expected.  Really the worst part was going to Hogs Breath which didn’t seem have half the things on their menu (the things that we ordered) and the service didn’t help.

We'll Always Remember

  • Name: Luke
  • Favourite Place: Hamilton Island, Whitsundays
  • I Love Travel Because: I get to see new things and catch up with friends
  • My Advice for Kids: Start early with your disciplines, and be conservative with your planning
  • Name: Jason
  • Favourite Place: Sydney
  • I Love Travel Because: it keeps my mind blank to absorb new things, and to relax
  • My Advice for Kids: Behave yourself
  • Name: Leanne
  • Favourite Place: Touring the Franklin River, Tasmania
  • I Love Travel Because: it's an adventure that takes me away from my mundane life
  • My Advice for Kids: Open your eyes, and don't take your devices because you'll miss so much

  Today's Random Thing

  A Note from Mom and Dad

We’re into the longest driving portion of a journey with a lot of driving.   With kids, you can’t just bust through with a can of Red Bull.  Stops are essential, especially if the kids don’t fall asleep for as long as they should.   Both kids woke up disoriented…there’s been so many new hotels and houses to deal with already and we’re only one tenth of a way in!    We both continue to feel there’s subtle developmental shifts going on.  Gali is speaking and understanding more, and Raquel is being more cooperative (when she feels like it).  We really should be downloading more podcast stories but we don’t have the time, and hearing Suzanne Vega sing Gypsy (Raquel’s current favourite) 17 times in a week isn’t as bad as it sounds.  After all, it could be Let It Go….

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