Day 33


Swan Valley, WA



What We Did:

After a long drive back from Shark Bay, we stopped into Nambung National Park to drive on the dusty track in, around and between the Pinnacles.  These are unusual limestone formations that poke out a coastal desert, and it looks like another planet.  The kids refused to get out of the car though, partly because it was fun to drive off-road, but mostly because it was so hot outside.  Before continuing south , we detoured to the Swan Valley to stay in our first Discovery Holiday Park.   Playgrounds!  Pool!  Bunk beds!   And just 10 minutes away from the chance to hand feed kangaroos and wallabies!  The Caversham Wildlife Park holds the largest collection of privately owned Australian wildlife in the country.   Raquel went nuts feeding the roos, especially the jills with their baby joeys still in the pouches.   She also got to touch a wombat, hold a python, brush a bettong and pet a koala.  After a good sleep in the car (where Mom learned that climate control in the front is not the same as in the back), Gali was more cautious about the roos, and wouldn’t walk anywhere near them.  He dug the dingos and ducks, but most of all the poster at the entrance which showed all the animals.   Ee-i-Ee-i-Oh!

What We Ate:

We self catered with chicken and rice for lunch and Dad’s spag-bol (Spaghetti Bolognese) for dinner.

Where We Ate:

At our cabin, #322.

My Favourite Pictures Today

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Where We Slept:

To be honest, we were expecting something a little more… rustic.  Our deluxe three bedroom cabin at the Discovery Parks Swan Valley is modern and spotless and perfect for families (especially those with young kids!).

We Learned:

That sometimes, you can use three different GPS systems and still get lost.  That wombats are really weird looking things.  That dingos look a lot like normal dogs. .  That you can disconnect your Move Yourself trailer and explore the Pinnacles Drive, and then reconnect it and away you go.   That we should check if the kids have been messing about with the air-conditioning in the rear of the vehicle (they had).   That Australian meat is really good.   That we’re not the only ones travelling with young kids who expected to fall into a rhythm sooner.


Reflection of the Day

The Best Part:

Feeding kangaroos.

The Worst Part:

When Gali turned red like a tomato after hot air was blowing on him while he slept in the car.

We'll Always Remember

  • Name: Carolyn
  • Favourite Place: Perth
  • I Love Travel Because: I have a map with blue pins, where I want to go, and red pins, where I've been. I want to go everywhere. I knock one thing off my bucket list, and put four on.
  • My Advice for Kids: Do and see as much as possible, you're not a child long enough, and you'll grow up quick.

  Today's Random Thing

  A Note from Mom and Dad

We have just completed the biggest driving days of the whole trip, and the kids held up pretty well.  We did capitulate for some screen in the car, which bought us peace at the risk of having opened Pandoras Box.   Since Airplane mode was on, we did get some very interesting videos as Raquel explored just about every app she could before choosing the camera above all else.  The playgrounds at the Discovery Park are gated and over beach sand,  which means we can leave the the kids alone for a moment (to use the bathroom, say) and no splinters from wood chips.  Gali is speaking more, saying “A-Kel!” a lot, as well as “Apple” and “Ig!” and “Where the hell are you taking me I’m just 18 months old!”   Ok, maybe not the last one, but the look says it all.

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