Day 36


Margaret River



Where We Went:

What We Did:

A busy day exploring the many wonders of the Margaret River region, we started with a drive to Hamelin Beach, where we’d heard stingrays will swim right at the shore, and you can feed them by hand. We were not disappointed! Huge smooth rays and perky eagle rays gather for scraps from fishermen and local tourists too. Raquel tried to give a bait fish to a stingray, but a seagull swooped and got it first.   It was a totally unique wildlife experience, of course Gali wouldn’t go anywhere near the rays, although he’s getting better with standing on sand.  After playing on the beach, we next went to the region’s most beautiful show cave, Jewel Cave. With over 200 steps Mom made a wise decision to take an overtired Gali for a drive and a nap. Raquel joined Dad and went deep into the cave, checking out the incredible stalagmites and stalactites and straws and formations. Raquel got a bit spooked after a while, but braved on til the end of the one-hour tour. Her favourite part was the rock formations that looked like coral. After lunch, we visited Western Australia’s tallest lighthouse, Cape Leeuwin, staying on the path because of the snake warnings. We could see the Southern Ocean meet the Indian Ocean. Raquel wanted to go in but the door was locked. Gali had a good run, before we drove back to Margaret River. All in all, a pretty jam-packed Australia Day!

What We Ate:

Lunch: Fish and chips in Augusta, which were above average (we’re becoming connoisseurs of fish and chips).
Dinner: After a full day, the kids were in no shape to go out – or Dad to cook – so we got takeaways.

Where We Ate:

Lunch: Leeuwin Diner in Augusta

Dinner: Kappadokia in Margaret River

My Favourite Pictures Today

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Where We Slept:

Bridgewater on Margaret River.. Our second night in this comfy, homely two bedroom house located off Caves Road. The large living space was great for the kids. All the water came from rainwater tanks, which helped us explain why water shouldn’t be wasted. We liked that we never had to lock our doors. Hosts Rick and Beth were wonderful and we wish we could take them with us!

We Learned:

That Tasmanian tiger remains were found in the Jewel Cave. That stingrays are slimy but can also be friendly. We learned that Raquel has an excellent imagination when it comes to rock formations. We learned that snakes like long grass. We learned that tall karri trees, which are only found in south western Australia, make incredible forests . We learned that some things stay exactly where you left them 12 years ago.

Reflection of the Day

The Best Part:

Driving the Boranup Forest, playing with stingrays, seeing the amazing formations in the Jewel Cave. Stopping for fresh biltong from a highway store on the way back from Augusta.

The Worst Part:

Being afraid of the stingrays and scared in the caves.

We'll Always Remember

  • Name: Rick
  • Favourite Place: Maui
  • I Love Travel Because: I love the education of it, and learning stuff.
  • My Advice for Kids: Study hard at school, don’t let the school years pass you by.
  • Name: Beth
  • Favourite Place: Palm Cove and Port Douglas, Queensland
  • I Love Travel Because: I can escape the cold at this end of the world, and broaden my outlook.
  • My Advice for Kids: Listen...that’s the only way you’ll learn.

  Today's Random Thing

  A Note from Mom and Dad

If you’re on the road, be weary of feeding your toddlers corn, for it has a habit of going in and coming out in one piece!  Raquel lives so much in the moment that one second she’s having the best day ever, and the next it’s the worst.  She also seems to recollect the negatives over the positives, a habit many kids take into adulthood and which we’re going to work hard to improve.

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