Day 37





What We Did:

Bidding adieu to Margaret River, we filled up in Witchcliffe and drove two hours to climb the Dave Evans Bicentennial Tree in Warren National Park. Absolutely bonkers, it’s the tallest climbing tree in the world. Dad  climbed the metal polls  65m to the top, which is used as a fire lookout. No wonder Dad added it to his Great Global Bucket List.  Raquel made it to the first spiral and was happy to continue, but without safety nets or ropes, Dad thought he’d be a responsible parent for a change. After a memorable lunch in Pemberton, it was another two hours to the Valley of the Giants Tree Top Walk, which we managed to explore just before it closed down for the night.  With the 600-metre suspended metal walkway to ourselves, we gazed out at 400 year old giant tingle trees, as Gali and Raquel ran about. It was pretty cool to see (and recognize) a quokka on our way out. It was another 90 minute drive through beautiful countryside and forest until we reached our final stop on our Western Australia itinerary, Albany.

What We Ate:

Breakfast: Croissants with melted cheese
Lunch: We’re chipped out and feel like our livers have been deep fried, so we absolutely loved our taster sampler at Holy Smoke in Pemberton, with smoked cuts of chicken, salmon and duck, and trout and salmon pate served with fresh fruit and salad. Absolutely scrumptious!

Where We Ate:

Breakfast: Witchy Pies and Cakery
Lunch: Holy Smoke
Dinner: Takeaway sushi that was not worth mentioning.

My Favourite Pictures Today

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Where We Slept:

We arrived at sunset at the Albany Bayside Ocean Villas. Tall ceilings, modern amenities, a much needed washer/dryer, and a great spot to explore the city.

We Learned:

That some tree climbing is not meant for kids. That a double stroller will fit on a high tree top walk. That it can get a little chilly when you travel south in Western Australia. That when you listen to the same toddler playlist over and over, you begin to hear hidden messages in songs (what’s with all the innuendos in Disney songs anyway?) We learned that karri and jarrah wood makes excellent furniture, and that you can encounter quokkas outside of Rottnest Island, just don’t expect to get a selfie.

Reflection of the Day

The Best Part:

Dad: Reminding myself how scary the Dave Evans Tree is 12 years later. Kids: Arriving in Albany after a long day driving in the car. Mom: Watching Gali drink miso soup by himself without spilling, and reading in the car for 20 minutes with the concentration of a college professor.

The Worst Part:

Raquel’s epic hour-meltdown in the car when we left Margaret River, for no reason we can ascertain.

  Today's Random Thing

  A Note from Mom and Dad

Gali’s independence is starting to shine through, making him more fun and more challenging every day. Every day a new word comes out, while Raquel is encouraged to ask the meanings of words she doesn’t understand. It was a longer day of driving than we expected, but the stops helped.

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