Day 39





Where We Went:

Perth Airport

Melbourne Airport


3 weeks and 4500km later!
Wheeled luggage ballet


What We Did:

Relocation Day!   After 3 weeks and 4500 kilometres, Dad dropped off our trusty trailer and our trendy silver bullet Ford Everest and we scaled down for our next big hop.   A 6am maxi-cab pickup from our deluxe cabin at the Discovery Parks Perth Airport, for a 3 hour flight to Melbourne (thanks tail wind) and a layover at the airport before our quick one hour hop to Tasmania.  As usual, Jetstar will super fun and helpful which made things easier.    We welcomed Jaci, who is joining us for the adventures to come.    The three hour time change worked in our favour, with the kids able to go much later.   Of course we took them to the airport half asleep in their pyjamas, which just added to their sense of fun.

What We Ate:

Dad made cheese sandwiches for the flight, but we also munched on fresh fruit and chicken burgers at the airport.   Dad managed to run to the local Woolworths in Howrah and pick up linguine for a late-night dinner.

Where We Ate:

In the airports, on the planes, at our new home in Hobart.

My Favourite Pictures Today

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Where We Slept:

We spent the previous night at the Discovery Parks Perth Airport location.  The deluxe two bedroom cabin was right next to the pool and we took full advantage of that, especially as things will cool down for the next couple weeks in Tassie.  Raquel and Gali also played with other kids at the playground, while Dad admired the various camper vans, caravans, motorhomes and contraptions that people use to roadtrip around Australia.   Once we got to Hobart, we found our Air Bnb in the suburb of Howrah for the next week, with a wonderful view over Mount Wellington and the city.

Last dinner in WA on our cabin patio

We Learned:

Not to rent an airport luggage cart before seeing where we have to take the luggage (for example, 20 steps away).  Back rows in planes are great with kids. Downloading shows from Netflix is awesome for flights.   Bend your knees when lifting luggage (ouch Dad!)  Gali loves a fast slide.    Wheeled luggage ballet is fun (especially when you can sit comfortably on Swiss Army suitcases).    You can’t bring any fresh fruit or vegetables in Tasmania, and cute beagle sniffer dogs can smell your half-eaten banana from a mile away (unlike the traffic officers in WA, we got off with a warning this time).   Tasmanian apples are amazing.  Everything looks swell under a super moon.

Reflection of the Day

The Best Part:

Arriving in Hobart under a super blue, super full and super rare moon, with an amazing nighttime view over the city.

The Worst Part:

An overtired Gali melting down on the plane during landing.  He passed out on his Mom’s shoulder for about an hour soon after.

We'll Always Remember

  • Name: Christian
  • Favourite Place: Melbourne
  • I Love Travel Because: I don’t have the pressures of work
  • My Advice for Kids: Listen to the advice of your parents. Work hard for what you want and the rewards will come
  • Name: Donna
  • Favourite Place: Dubai
  • I Love Travel Because: I can meet new people, eat, wine and dine
  • My Advice for Kids: Enjoy life, don’t take things for granted, and see the world while you’re young
  • Name: Elif
  • Favourite Place: Greece
  • I Love Travel Because: I love to relax
  • My Advice for Kids: Treat everyone the way you want to be treated
  • Name: Kat
  • Favourite Place: New York
  • I Love Travel Because: of the adventures
  • My Advice for Kids: Use your manners, it will go a long way
  • Name: Brenda
  • Favourite Place: Singapore
  • I Love Travel Because: It gives me the opportunity to experience other peoples and cultures
  • My Advice for Kids: Keep away from technology it will make you lazy
  • Name: Kristen
  • Favourite Place: Japan
  • I Love Travel Because: of the exposure
  • My Advice for Kids: Try absolutely everything once
  • Name: Gareth
  • Favourite Place: Tomahawk, Tasmania’s best hidden secret
  • I Love Travel Because: I love showing my 8 kids amazing things!
  • My Advice for Kids: Just get out there and do it! Go out and explore the world
  • Name: Jess
  • Favourite Place: Wineglass Bay
  • I Love Travel Because: it helps me step outside of my comfort zone to do things I wouldn’t normally do
  • My Advice for Kids: Explore lots, play lots, and trust your Mom and Dad have got it

  Today's Random Thing

  A Note from Mom and Dad

Oh no!  Raquel’s stuffy, a panda bear she calls Beary, magically disappeared and was nowhere to be found in Hobart.  Given the constant change, it’s one of her few anchors and she is devastated.  The early morning departure and restless night of sleep finally did us in.  I called the park and would you believe they found Beary at the swimming pool, which is interesting because he went to bed with Raquel the night before (maybe he felt like a dip under the supermoon?)  They were great and they’re going to post the stuffy to our next Discovery Park in Devonport.   We’ll have to find a substitute stuffy in the meantime, although something tells us Beary will probably have some competition by the time he makes his long journey from out west.

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