Day 4





Where We Went:

The neighbourhood of St Kilda

Luna Park, 12 years ago.

What We Did:

We’ve been in Australia a couple days so we had to see the beach!  We arrived in buzzy St Kilda, posed in front of the entrance of Luna Park (where Robin first did a gonzo jump 12 years ago!), and wandered down Acland Street as crowds of locals and tourists brunched on the patios.  There was a Star Wars premier so lots of Jedi knights were wondering about.  After salivating at the cakes and baked goodies and devouring a delicious lunch, we met up with some old and new friends on the beach, played in the sand, and got some ice-cream (of course).  Even though we covered up in sunblock, we all felt a little cooked by mid-afternoon, so headed home admiring the old Victorian houses, beach bars, playgrounds and kitesurfers.

What We Ate:

Cheese and tomato omelettes for breakfast.  Amazing pasta, pizza and insalata for lunch. And seriously gourmet burgers for dinner!

Where We Ate:

Rococos on Acland Street:  Great Italian (Raquel wolfed down her Napoli spaghetti) but definitely wasn’t cheap!

Grill’d at Southbank mall, eating right on the Yarra.  Thanks for the vouchers Grill’d!

My Favourite Pictures Today

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Where We Slept:

Oaks on Southbank.   We’re on the 25th floor with stellar views over the city.   Gali loves looking at the cars driving down below, and we’re appreciative of the high, fenced in balconies.  Every time we pick Gali up though, we think about Michael Jackson holding his baby up over a balcony to show media, do you remember that?  Everyone freaked out.  And when you see the video, they were right to.  He literally flung the baby over the railing and his grip didn’t look all that strong.  Fortunately there’s no paparazzi downstairs, although we are diagonally across the from the Melbourne Herald Sun building.

We Learned:

You can’t take an Uber with infants.  You can however take a taxi.  This lesson would have cost us $10 if not for Uber’s no question asked refund policy.    You don’t have to get sunburned to get too much sun.  Those UV rays can cook you within, sous-vide style!   We learned that parking is strict in Melbourne, and that land development is off the hook!  We learned that avocados are super expensive ($3.99 each!) but mangos are cheap, at least compared to home.

Reflection of the Day

The Best Part:

Soaking up the vibe of St Kilda!   Playing in the sand with our new friend Michaela.

The Worst Part:

Leaving our leftovers in the back of the cab home!

We'll Always Remember

  • Name: Erin P
  • Favourite Place: Melbourne
  • I Love Travel Because: I'm an experiential person and love new experiences
  • My Advice for Kids: Put your sunblock on
  • Name: Ashraf
  • Favourite Place: Alexandria, Egypt
  • I Love Travel Because: I get to see how people live everywhere, and take a break.
  • My Advice for Kids: Think about your future, and always do the right thing.
  • Name: Carmelina
  • Favourite Place: Sandringham, Victoria
  • I Love Travel Because: It helps me relax, unwind and expand my mind.
  • My Advice for Kids: Take care of your Mum and Dad. They can sometimes get lost, it's not the other way round.

  Today's Random Thing

  A Note from Mom and Dad

It’s amazing how much a good night’s sleep helps with jetlag.  Both kids did 12 hours last night, and were in much better spirits today.   On the Yarra this evening, a kind local (Carmelina, above) approached us with a lost child, a little Indian girl, perhaps 5 years old.  We kept the girl calm and soon enough a relieved and panicked Mom showed up.  On the beach today, I watched Raquel run off without a care in the world.  Gali has also found his legs and barely sits still.  It’s no wonder some parents use leashes.  Keep your eyes on these guys…they’re simply oblivious to anything else but the moment they’re in.

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