Day 44





What We Did:

While dad went on an epic 6-day hike,  the rest of the family chose to visit Bridestowe Lavender Estate.  A way more relaxing experience fit for families and people of all ages. The lavender fields in Nabowla are the largest in Australia and, with its own distillery, is ranked one of the largest singular plantations in the world. Gorgeous rolling hills of lavender reaching 120 acres across a view that took our breath away – and filled us with calm.

What We Ate:

With purple everywhere in at the lavender fields including everything on the menu, we had to eat a lunch that was fun, colourful and made us feel cosy like grandma’s hugs. We chose pancakes (of course!) with lavender and blueberry ice-cream – sooo yummy! Mom had a lavender and mint tea while Raquel and Gali wolfed down a lavender milkshake. We also ate a salmon and cream cheese savoury pancakes with corn, cucumber and tomato relish and since the kids were on a sugar trip Mom got salad sandwiches to make sure they ate some healthy food.

My Favourite Pictures Today

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We Learned:

That Gali’s fascination with turning on knobs leads to more trouble than it’s worth. Australian kitchens have gas ovens and the knobs to turn on the gas are easily in his arm’s reach. So we learnt to turn off the gas line after use to avoid danger.

That Raquel’s favourite letter is R and her next favourite is X because that’s closer to the end of the alphabet.

What Gali’s beard will look like – the chocolate ice-cream gave it away!



Reflection of the Day

The Best Part:

Running through the lavender fields with chocolate and lavender ice-cream dripping down our faces and hands! Having Raquel’s stuffed animal sent from Discovery Parks Perth to our accommodation in Devonport and seeing the look on her face when she realised her favourite stuffy was back. That 250 kilos of lavender can make 2500 mls of oil and it’s so good that it keeps for over a year before it oxidizes. After that, it can still be used for candles and products that have no contact with skin. That it’s a wonderful thing when you have so many flowers to collaborate with the local beekeeper and get your own signature honey.



The Worst Part:

Sleep training all over again. Take 2903.


We'll Always Remember

  • Name: Anna
  • Favourite Place: Inside a book.
  • I Love Travel Because: I travel through books. I get a sense of adventure. I can see, smell and touch the world through my imagination.
  • My Advice for Kids: Get dirty. Be kind.
  • Name: Genevieve
  • Favourite Place: Florence - Italy
  • I Love Travel Because: It feels very good to throw yourself in the deep end and learn how to swim. It gives you confidence.
  • My Advice for Kids: Try things. Don't be afraid to fail.

  Today's Random Thing

  A Note from Mom and Dad

Note from Mom since Dad is on the road –  Drink wine. Eat chocolate. Be merry. Turn off the gas.

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