Day 45





What We Did:

Bidding farewell to our temporary home in Devonport, we were excited to drive south and meet Dad after his cycling and hiking adventure on the east coast. But first we had one more zany adventure to investigate. Tazmazia and the Village of Lower Crackpot is an eccentric complex of giant and not so giant mazes, model villages, artwork and gardens. It’s quirky and weird, and with elements of biting satire it entertained the kids as much as it did us adults. Raquel and Gali explored the little houses in the model village, followed a toddler friendly Yellow Brick Road, and got lost in the huge maze that would have taken the whole day to cover (it’s one of the world’s largest!) After lunch it was time for the long drive back to Hobart to be reunited with Daddy.

What We Ate:

Lunch: Nachos, coffee with raspberry honey, and a platter of fried disappointment.
Dinner: Salmon, roasted lamb, and *sigh* chicken nuggets and chips.

Where We Ate:

Lunch: Tasmazia Cafeteria.
Dinner: Risdon Brook Hotel

My Favourite Pictures Today

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Where We Slept:

We spent our last night in Tasmania at the Discovery Parks Hobart, where Dad could catch his breath and the family could gather itself for the adventure ahead. While we packed our things, the kids loved being right opposite a playground, and the space to run about and explore. We’ve really enjoyed our stays across Discovery properties in Tasmania, which provided easy access to some of the state’s best experiences.

We Learned:

Over excited four year olds don’t like bedtime. That whether you’re cycling and hiking or looking after kids, you’re both going to wind up physically and mentally exhausted. Gali loves miniature cities, which kind of makes sense. That a street exists called “Nowhere Else.” There’s not chance to stiffen up if you keep exercising day after day. Dad’s going to miss having healthy Tasmanian Expedition dinners, if not camping in a wind storm. Windy days, as the kids discovered at Tasmazia, can still be fun. That Gali always said “boat!” when he saw the Spirit of Tasmania ferry coming into Devonport.

Reflection of the Day

The Best Part:

Seeing Dad again after a long week apart.

The Worst Part:

Trying to get Raquel to sleep.

We'll Always Remember

  • Name: Adam
  • Favourite Place: California redwoods
  • I Love Travel Because: it's when my intense mind calms down and approaches peace and clarity
  • My Advice for Kids: Read Read Read
  • Name: Andrew
  • Favourite Place: Patagonia
  • I Love Travel Because: It shows me that everything is different but we're all the same
  • My Advice for Kids: Don't stop exploring
  • Name: Belle
  • Favourite Place: Cradle Mountain
  • I Love Travel Because: It will teach you things you cannot learn in any classroom.
  • My Advice for Kids: Go outside and Explore the natural world.
  • Name: Cindy
  • Favourite Place: Wilson's Promontory, VIC
  • I Love Travel Because: it puts me out of my comfort zone
  • My Advice for Kids: Put down the smart phone and experience the world first hand
  • Name: David
  • Favourite Place: Wineglass Bay, on the beach
  • I Love Travel Because: Because it's all new to me
  • My Advice for Kids: Keep an open mind, you don't know what you don't know
  • Name: Jenni
  • Favourite Place: The Orkney Islands, the Outer Hebrides, and the Yukon
  • I Love Travel Because: It frees my mind.
  • My Advice for Kids: Look up from your phones, there's a whole world out there.
  • Name: Kim
  • Favourite Place: San Diego
  • I Love Travel Because: Travel is like a natural library, there's so much to see
  • My Advice for Kids: Get out and travel
  • Name: Maddy
  • Favourite Place: Lake Waikaremoana, NZ
  • I Love Travel Because: it challenges me
  • My Advice for Kids: Be yourself, do what you love and love what you do
  • Name: Lorraine
  • Favourite Place: Hervey Bay, QLD
  • I Love Travel Because: The experience of the food, culture, adventure, and meeting people from different places.
  • My Advice for Kids: You won't appreciate your home and what you have until you visit other places
  • Name: David
  • Favourite Place: The Caribbean
  • I Love Travel Because: Because I worked hard for 40 years and now I can go where I want to go
  • My Advice for Kids: Take school seriously

  Today's Random Thing

  A Note from Mom and Dad

Tasmania has more than lived up to its reputation for rich travel and experiences. From the eccentric art in MONA to the eccentric, less-famous “art” in Tasmazia, we saw incredible natural beauty, sporting spectacles, delicious food, strange animals (devils!) met wonderful people, and had a lot of fun. Hobart was a city we felt we could live in, even if it did get a little chilly here and there. Our journey continues onwards, and a new adventure begins.

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