Day 6





Where We Went:

  • DFO South Wharf
  • Guilford Lane
  • Hosier Street
  • AC/DC Lane
  • Strachan Lane
  • Croft Lane

What We Did:

The morning started with some fun shopping. We got to visit Escape 2 store on South Wharf and get geared up with great pairs of  KEENs for the whole family. After Mom said: “No, don’t touch that” and “No, you can’t eat the shoes” we got the bulls-in-a-china shop kids out of the store and headed to Guildford Lane, for a nice brunch at Krimper Cafe.  Next we ticked off a Street Art tour with Melbourne Walks, which is definitely one for the cultural bucket list.  Dinner at Thai-infused Cookie Restaurant was just what we needed to decompress and gain more appreciation for the culinary wonders of Melbourne.

What We Ate:

The food in Melbourne is something to behold.  Almond-crusted French toast with red wine poached pear and white chocolate and raspberry ganache for lunch? Why not! At Krimper, Galileo gobbled up the smoked salmon scramble. Raquel highly recommends the “Barry” smoothie, while Gali sucked back a yellow smoothie. Yummy!  If you like a strong cup of coffee, like Mom, you will be delighted with their espresso. Mom gives a “Brazilian seal of approval” and all.  Dad had a steak of dreams at Fatto, served with Parmesan broccolini and rocket salad.  Dinner was a Thai-fusion feast at Cookie, where we devoured steamed mussels in lemongrass, ginger, kaffir lime and basil, followed by crispy fish salad with green papaya and avocado, and calamari stuffed with chicken and lime in a tamarind, chilli and garlic sauce. No wonder all these places were packed with locals.  As a foodie city in Australia, Melbourne is setting an outrageously high bar.

Where We Ate:

All three restaurants were outstanding.

My Favourite Pictures Today

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Where We Slept:

Oaks SouthBank. Gali continues to wow us by sleeping through the night in his travel cot.  Raquel is co-sleeping with Mom and Dad.  Last night Mom was in the middle and said she won’t do that again.  Between Dad’s snoring and Raquel’s kicking, there was nowhere to turn.   Ps:  Dad doesn’t snore, he just occasionally gets really tired and breathes through his throat.  And Happy Hannukah!

We Learned:

Shoe shopping with toddlers can be extremely challenging.  Raquel loved her new Keen sandals, with socks.  Without socks?  Cue the wailing.  We learned the difference between running and walking shoes. We learned all about Melbourne’s Street Art scene (including the location of the last two remaining Banksy prints in the laneways) which will make a fascinating chapter in the Bucket List book.  We learned how to install car seats in Australia.  We learned that the Ford Everest is large and comfortable and can whisper a toddler to sleep.  We learned to master Melbourne’s dreaded hook turn!   We learned that traffic in Melbourne’s CBD is nothing to be trifled with.  We learned that giving leaves from the lemon gum tree is a traditional Aboriginal welcoming gift.   We learned about the Little People, and got a few of our own. We learned that we don’t like lavender tea, and that if you are giving warm milk to child number one, don’t you dare give cold milk to child number two…oh, the injustice….COLD MILK? NO, Mom, NOOOO!

Reflection of the Day

The Best Part:

Great time strolling around Melbourne and shoe shopping, what is not to like?  Turning the corner at Hosier Street and seeing the amazing street art.  Meeting passionate people who love what they do.


The Worst Part:

Getting stuck in Melbourne traffic and running late!


We'll Always Remember

  • Name: Jasmine
  • Favourite Place: Mornington Peninsula, Victoria
  • I Love Travel Because: You meet new people, new cultures, get out of your comfort zone, and chalk up new experiences.
  • My Advice for Kids: The first way isn't the only way. Be open minded to letting things go wrong, so you can take a different direction.
  • Name: Steve
  • Favourite Place: Port Douglas
  • I Love Travel Because: It opens you up to different people and shows you no matter how big the world is, we're all so similar.
  • My Advice for Kids: Try things. Whether it's food or experience or sport, have a go!
  • Name: Ingrid
  • Favourite Place: Tasmania, it's a fantasy world for kids.
  • I Love Travel Because: The culture shock makes you think better. It makes you street smart. And it strengthens your ability to look after yourself and others.
  • My Advice for Kids: Be yourself, because it's easier than being anybody else.
  • Name: Meyer
  • Favourite Place: Uluru. The freedom of it is purifying, it's the heart of the country.
  • I Love Travel Because: You get new perspectives on the way you see yourself and other people. Travel made me a passionate Australian. It made me realize how incredible our opportunities are here.
  • My Advice for Kids: There's only one person on the planet with your DNA. The way you see the world is unique. Don't copy people. Stick to your own talents. You don't need to imitate others.
  • Name: Eddy
  • Favourite Place: North Queensland
  • I Love Travel Because: I enjoy seeing the world.
  • My Advice for Kids: Get off your computer games and get out in the backyard.
  • Name: Paul and Claire
  • Favourite Place: Mount Beauty Victoria. A small country town right by the snow fields.
  • I Love Travel Because: We're born nomads. We've never lived in the same place for more than five years!
  • My Advice for Kids: Only use your iPad to find great places to explore. Fun and games are outdoors. And for parents: establish the boundaries and expectations.

  Today's Random Thing

  A Note from Mom and Dad

We got a great travel tip today from Claire.  Pack two sets of toys and alternate them each day. That way they don’t get tired of the toys too quickly.  We’re definitely sensing a theme with regards to advice about kids and their addiction/love of digital devices.  It’s the modern soother.  Raquel seems to be regressing again, refusing to walk and making baby noises to get or share attention. We know it must be really tough on her right now, with everything so new.   We’re all getting frustrated with her outbursts, but all you need is just a little patience.   On the plus side, she’s sleeping well knowing Mom and Dad are within kicking distance!

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