Day 68





What We Did:

We’ve seen and done so much these past few months, sometimes you just have to stop to take a break.  On the famed Sunshine Coast, we’re spitting distance from an incredible beach, and sure, Dad did run off to go canoeing in the Noosa Everglades, but when you land in one of the best family resorts in the country, with a waterpark and playground made for toddlers just steps from your hotel door, well it’s pretty difficult to want to go anywhere else. Other than a small walk to get some groceries (and check out some art) we didn’t. While Dad his bucket list travel writing thing, Mom walked the kids over to the Oasis Water Park and let the kids enjoy themselves on the watersides and trampolines. Raquel must have slid down the red and orange slide about 300 times. Gali was content to es-rock the playground. Add in the jumping pillow and rope climb in the Adventure Zone and the kids were happy to stay all day, noshing from the well-priced snack bar and playing with other kids on their school holidays. When the loud parrots come swooping into the adjacent palm trees, another peachy sunset signalled it wasn’t far behind. We’re reminded that this is what people typically do on their holidays, which also reminds us that our adventure is not a typical holiday, not in the sense Day 68 has been. That’s it for the south end of Queensland, next up is a hop to Port Douglas.

What We Ate:

Breakfast: Smoked salmon and avocado and Milo cereal and olive bread. Lunch: Chicken mayonnaise tacos (which is what Raquel calls a wrap). Dinner: Might fine butter chicken, jogan rosh and beef korma

Where We Ate:

Breakfast and Lunch: In our holiday apartment at the Oaks Oasis

Dinner: There are few dishes Raquel relishes like a rich butter chicken. Our kids love Indian food and who can blame them? We’ve sampled Indian in just about every state, but we’ve got to raise our poppadoms to a spot called Indiyum Fair Dinkum Indian. The excellent menu descriptions (full of tasty trivia) set up the best Indian we’ve in the country. Three helpings for Raquel, which we think is a record!

My Favourite Pictures Today

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Where We Slept:

Oaks Oasis Resort has been named among the Top 10 Family Resorts in Australia. So good in fact, the kids will be happy to go nowhere else. Next to the lovely gardens are the family fun amenities for kids of all ages, while Dad enjoyed working on the balcony of our three bedroom apartment watching all sorts of tropical birds chirp hello. With fun music piped in and plenty of kids about, it’s a great example of how a resort differs from a hotel. With all your needs catered too, there’s no hurry to leave a resort, even in a region as gorgeous as the Sunshine Coast. After our road trip from Sydney, we have to scale down again for our next flight. Here’s a picture of Mom dealing with that madness. It’s truly staggering how much you accumulate with kids.

We Learned:

Noosa and the Sunshine Coast is a major destination for retirees and celebrities. Noosa River is only about one metre deep on average.  The Noosa Everglades are one of only two such eco-systems in the world, the other being in Florida.   Austrian former tennis pro Thomas Muster has done well on local real estate. Richard Branson’s celebrity hideaway, Makepeace Island, houses up to 20 guests and can be booked at around $22,000 a night.  Locals didn’t care much for Justin Bieber when he stayed on the island. Billboards on the highway advertising pies actually work.  We learned that nobody messes with a curly-haired just-turned-five year old in the water park. That the average four year old asks over 400 questions a day (it seems crazy, until you actually start keeping count and give up after 100 questions in the first 2 hours). Marine birds don’t like water with tannins.  A few more life hacks for packing.  That Dad isn’t the only one with a crap right ear.  Lace monitor lizards have a nasty bite. Gali is learning a few words a day, today he said “eyebrow,” “house, and “We’re all losers in a US-China trade war.”

Reflection of the Day

The Best Part:

Getting to the waterpark in three minutes from deciding we should go to the waterpark.

The Worst Part:

Saying goodbye to our travelling companion and #sexynanny Jaci who has returned to Melbourne.

We'll Always Remember

  • Name: Trevor
  • Favourite Place: The Whitsundays
  • I Love Travel Because: I can relax
  • My Advice for Kids: Enjoy while you can before commitments
  • Name: Maria
  • Favourite Place: Brazil
  • I Love Travel Because: I can explore new places
  • My Advice for Kids: Always follow your parents advice because they want the best for you
  • Name: Sebastian
  • Favourite Place: The Alps
  • I Love Travel Because: It’s different from my normal life
  • My Advice for Kids: Don’t be afraid of making new contacts
  • Name: Marnie
  • Favourite Place: California
  • I Love Travel Because: it widens your horizons
  • My Advice for Kids: Don’t be afraid to go out of your comfort zone
  • Name: Kevin
  • Favourite Place: Lady Elliott Island
  • I Love Travel Because: I like to meet new people
  • My Advice for Kids: See the good in everyone
  • Name: Tracey
  • Favourite Place: Mystery Island, New Caledonia
  • I Love Travel Because: I love seeing different animals
  • My Advice for Kids: Travel as much you can, as young as you can

  Today's Random Thing

  A Note from Mom and Dad

Dad often tells people to go where he goes, but not how he goes. We’re travelling at the pace of a travel writer on a crazy assignment, packing in more than any sane family would ever want to. That’s why we’ve had help since the beginning, juggling two very different projects researched at the same time. Alas we’ve had to bid farewell to Jaci and are continuing onwards to northern Queensland and the Northern Territory on our own (give or take a few surprise visitors). After months of co-sleeping, Raquel finally has her own room and has shocked us how quickly she’s taken to the own space. Sleeping in her own bed through the night for the first time in a long time, perhaps like her brother all she needs is her own bed to thrash about in, although of course she’d never tell us that. The upside is that everyone slept through the night for the first time in a very long time. Here’s hoping it’s a new phase in our journey (and our well-being), and not a freak occurrence.

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