Day 74


Airlie Beach



Where We Went:

What We Did:

Dad went to visit the the Cruise Whitsundays Heart Pontoon on the outer barrier reef (lucky him!) so Mom and the kids kept themselves busy at the Discovery Parks Airlie Cove, and in Airlie Beach too. Raquel made a terrific park buddy named Hazel, who is travelling with her Mom, Dad and younger brother Freddie (the same age as Gali!) for six months in a caravan around the country. Raquel and Hazel quickly became queens of the playground and jumping pillow, and they played with Hazel’s toys (other kids toys are the greatest!)    After lunch, Mom took the kids to Main Street in Airlie Beach where they discovered a bridge with locks, a playground, and a fun public pool to swim in. The kids spent all afternoon there, and then came home for dinner. Later that night, they went to the playground and played under the stars, which were really bright. For the first time on our trip, they came home covered in insect bites!  When Dad came home we all went to swim in the holiday park’s illuminated pool and jacuzzis, our first ever night swim with the kids under the bright stars.

What We Ate:

Lunch: Fish, rice, corn and broccoli.

Dinner: Bow tie pasta with cooked carrots.

Where We Ate:

In our Deluxe cabin at the Discovery Parks.

My Favourite Pictures Today

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Where We Slept:

Gali slept on top of Mom’s head at the Discovery Parks Airlie Cove, and Raquel sort of made it through the night in her bunk bed.

We Learned:

Raquel believes in aliens because there’s too many stars in the skies and she wants to become an astronaut so she can go and find the aliens because there’s too many stars not to share. Clearly our kids don’t spend nearly as much time as they should outside at night. Mom will kiss an owie better anywhere on Gali’s body, but draws the line for scrotum rashes. Dad learned a lot about tropical fish, the Great Barrier Reef, and the SS Yongala. We learned there’s nowhere to buy kids swimwear in Airlie Beach. We learned that in a contest between a category five cyclone and a boat, the cyclone will win. We learned to hang, dry and re-use expensive swimming diapers. We learned that our Discovery holiday park has a baby bath which is the perfect size to for two toddlers who can’t stand still in a shower for three seconds.

Reflection of the Day

The Best Part:

Playing with Hazel on the jumping pillow, and for Gali, using a toilet for the first time.

The Worst Part:

Having legs covered in insect bites.

We'll Always Remember

  • Name: Greta
  • Favourite Place: Dan Murphy's, lol, cause I'm a travelling mother
  • I Love Travel Because: i get time to spend with my family
  • My Advice for Kids: Don't let your fears rule you

  Today's Random Thing

  A Note from Mom and Dad

Parents travelling with young kids deserve a medal. We’re all going through the same challenges: kids that don’t fall into the on-the-road rhythm we all hoped that would; kids that don’t sleep or eat; kids that are petrified of the little things they should be loving, and fearless of the things they should be afraid of. Parents with a thousand-yard stare can find solace in each other, just as surely as their kids will hit it off at the playground. And however hectic things are for us, we can’t imagine doing this in a small caravan (just as others can’t imagine doing it at our pace). Oh, and Gali made his first poop in a potty! He also peed on our bed, but you know…baby steps.

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