Welcome to a handy section which contains answers for parents, visitors, friends, media, sponsors, and people who like lists: 

Thinking Outside the Box

1. Is this a Mommy or Daddy Blog?
Not really.   First and foremost it’s an online travel logbook for our kids to remember and reflect on the many adventures they’re having,  providing a much needed survival tool as well as something that is fun, inspirational and informative for other parents.   There is a blog component, which has longer form thoughts and family travel musings, but the focus is on the day-to-day adventure which you can join at any time.

2. Are we Travel Agents?
No.  We don’t book trips or excursions, but recommend many great companies within these pages.

3. When can I buy the book?
Melbourne’s Affirm Press, Australia’s fastest growing publisher, will be publishing our book nationwide in Australia and New Zealand in August 2019.   It will not look like an online scrapbook.  Rather, it’s the honest tale of an incredible, inspiring journey that parents of young kids will appreciate and learn much from.

4. Can I host you? 
Our schedule is pretty ridiculous, but there’s always the possibility our asteroid can collide with your Earth, and rather than wiping out a fierce species of giant lizard, it could say, lead to something really sweet.   Email us and we’ll see if there’s a fit.

5. Do you have advice for travelling with kids?
Oh boy do you we ever!  Although it will be sprinkled on this site (like Parmesan on an particularly tasty Bolognese)  we’re going to save most of it and make it far more digestible for the book version.

6. Can you recommend a good family-friendly restaurant/hotel?
Every day in the scrapbook features a “WHERE WE ATE” block with recommendations for great family-friendly places to eat.

7. Can I send you a product?
With over two dozen flights booked (thank you Jetstar Airways!), you wouldn’t believe how light we have to travel.  That being said, if you’ve got a product that will make our lives easier and our kids happier, let us know and we’d be happy to explore further.

8. Can I interview you? 
Contact us and we can help set something up.

9. How do you deal with your kids on the plane?
We don’t.  We simply regress into our reptilian brains, cry a lot, let out a Wilheim scream that would make Edvard Munch proud, and pray it will all be over soon.  Fortunately, it usually is.   We also use a combination of apps, screens, books, toys, and narcotics (for us, of course).
Australian Customs: Are you travelling with any narcotics, weapons or contraband?
Me: I’m travelling with two kids under 4. If I was, don’t you think I would have used them by now?

10. Where are you off to next?
That depends on when you’re asking.  Our latest day will tell you where we’re coming from, we were are, and where we’re off to next.