Our Little Bloggy Blog

Welcome to the EsrockingKids.

We are taking our kids on a wild adventure that few toddlers could ever dream of, mostly because they’re too busy dreaming about Paw Patrol and candy. Every day we will be posting our online scrapbook, exploring every state and territory in Australia, as well as parts of New Zealand, Thailand and Vietnam. We are doing this because we love our kids, have an extraordinary opportunity, and because we are insane.

It will all culminate in an honest, funny, and inspiring book (published by Melbourne’s Affirm Press), and we’re working with some wonderful partners, including Ford Australia, Jetstar Australia, Sunshades Eyewear, Britax and KEEN Footwear Australia.

There will be koalas, wombats and kangaroos. There will be 16 hour flights, teething, spiders and tantrums. The best of times, the worst of times, but more importantly, the times we’ll never forget. Whether you’ve got young kids, thinking of having kids, or fondly remember when you had young kids, we hope our journey will inspire some great times in your life too.

Robin, Ana, Cat, and the kids.