Our Book

Finally, an honest and inspiring and hilarious portrayal of what it’s like to actually travel with young kids, written by someone who makes no claim to be a parenting authority but does has first-hand experience of temper tantrums, projectile backseat vomit and children chewing on airline tray tables.

Honest, funny and inspiring, Esrocking Australia with the Kids pulls no punches as it describes a once-in-a-lifetime adventure across the nation. 

Beautifully illustrated and interspersed with practical take-aways, travel tips, destination recommendations, and reviews of family-friendly products and activities, the book will appeal to:

  • parents of young kids
  • parents about to have young kids,
  • parents who once had young kids
  • parents looking to give their grown up kids a major hint about what they should be doing with their lives, that is, having grandkids. 

We’ll meet characters aplenty, including plenty of travelling parents offering their own, hard-won advice for those sitting in the wings (wiping up the mess). 

Published by Affirm Press, Esrocking Australia with the Kids will be widely available in bookstores and retailers across Australia and New Zealand.