75 Must-See Places

When you have kids, it can be hard just getting out the front door.      If you’re going to travel together, you might as well make it somewhere incredible…

Renowned international travel writer Robin Esrock has scoured the planet in search of bucket-list-worthy experiences, infusing his adventures with humour, quirky facts, intimate photography and worldly insight. He’s swum with piranha and bungeed off TV towers, but nothing could prepare him for travelling across Australia with his two young kids.
His advice is simple:  DON’T DO IT!

But if you can’t resist inspiring your family with adventures of a lifetime, be sure to read these rousing, honest and hilarious stories first. From hand-feeding giant bluefin tuna to chasing quokkas, swimming in remote waterfalls to zip-lining ancient forests, Robin explores incredible destinations your kids will never forget.  Along with practical, funny and brutally honest advice, 75 Must-See Places is the perfect book to inspire curious parents to tackle the very best of Australia.

Published by Affirm Press, 75 Must-See Places will be widely available in September 2019 at bookstores and retailers across Australia and New Zealand.  Look for it in places like: